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Unit 2: My family

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Kesia gets tired being a young carer. Find out how she starts to feel better and try your hand at building a happy home.

Kesia's mum is ill and Kesia has to look after her as well as her baby brother. Kesia is often late for school and gets upset easily. This unit looks at the effect that being a young carer has on their life. Once Kesia is encouraged to start talking about her problems she and her mum are both offered the support they need. Kesia joins a young carers' club and is able to meet other children in a similar position.

Teacher's note:

Kesia's Story is a free learning resource for Key Stage 2 pupils looking at the issues faced by young carers. It incorporates interactive online activities and downloadable worksheets. It has strong curriculum links to PSHE and citizenship at KS2.