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Unit 5: Keeping healthy

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Jane worries about keeping clean and healthy. Find out how much you know about keeping healthy in our educational games and activities.

Jane's parents struggle to take care of her properly. She eats poorly and often has to wear dirty clothes so she is bullied by other pupils. Her mother often takes her out of school for the day, so she struggles with her schoolwork too. This unit explores how to live a healthy lifestyle including eating healthy food, taking regular exercise and keeping clean. It shows how all these things make Jane's life much happier.

Teacher's note:

Jane's Story is a free learning resorce for Key Stage 2 pupils exploring the importance of health, nutrition, personal hygiene and emotional well-being. It also looks at transferring to secondary school. The resource incorporates interactive online activities and downloadable worksheets. It has strong curriculum links to PSHE and citizenship at KS2.