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Here you can browse through the stories and activities below and decide which one you'd like to try first.

You will need to log in to see all the fun stuff - ask your teacher for the school or class log in details. If you haven't got them, don't worry. You can still take a look at Tommy's story in Unit 1: My friends.

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    Unit 1: My friends

    Meet Tommy who has trouble making friends and find out what makes you a good friend.

  • Two girls talking

    Unit 2: My Family

    Kesia gets tired being a young carer. Find out how she starts to feel better and try your hand at building a happy home.

  • Andrew

    Unit 3: How I Learn

    Find out how Andrew who has disabilities might learn things in a different way from you.

  • Unit 4: What I like doing

    Becki is worried about her future. Talk about what you like doing and how it relates to your goals and dreams.

  • Jane keeping clean and healthy

    Unit 5: Keeping healthy

    Jane needs help learning about a healthy lifestyle. Find out how much you know about keeping healthy.

  • Unit 6: What I believe in

    Meet Flouri who is finding it difficult to settle in the UK and find out about other cultures.

  • Unit 7: My school and my money

    Unit 7: My School and My Money

    Decide what makes a happy school and then learn how some children have more or less money than you.

  • Unit 8: Young Runaways

    Unit 8: Young Runaways

    Have you ever felt like running away? Here you can learn what to do and where to go for help if you do feel like this.

  • Worried boy

    Unit 9: When it hurts at home

    Jake is unhappy at home because of his parents arguing. Find out how to deal with these kinds of difficult situations at home.