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My Life is an interactive resource produced by The Children's Society, originally in partnership with our national Good Childhood® Inquiry which took place in 2008.

The Good Childhood® Inquiry opened an inclusive debate on what makes for a good childhood today and its findings are already shaping policy and inspiring all our relationships with children.

Since the Inquiry finished we have continued to evolve and maintain this website, adding more free teaching resources in response to the needs of teachers and young people in England and Wales.

The aim of My Life is to help children aged 7 to 11 develop the skills they need for a healthy, happy childhood. The resource has been developed in consultation with primary school teachers and supports:

  • the National Curriculum in England for Citizenship and PSHE
  • Every Child Matters
  • Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL).


Irrespective of the age and ability of the children, you will find that all the resources are accessible and appealing to all.

The online case studies are highly visual, child-friendly and easy to navigate. They also include a voiceover to assist in comprehension. The follow-up interactive activities have been designed to be accessible to children of all abilities and can be tackled at the children's own pace - individually, with a partner or in a small group. There are numerous opportunities for the children to engage in meaningful discussions about issues that concern them directly.

The activity sheets are tailored in interest and visual appeal to this age group.

Extension activities are suggested in the teachers' notes to support the more able or older children, as well as providing opportunities for the younger or less able to develop outcomes through drawing, making classroom or school displays, oral work and role play.

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